Lacreu Hotels since 1920

The Lacreu hotel was opened around the year 1920. EIt is at the beginning the century, when Ms. Lacreu, married Francisco Sastrada, decided that the hotel built on their owned lands, had to carry his last name.

Its first location was in Salardú, later and by the high demands of a better location, they decided to build it in the entrance of the village (current location). Another reason was to keep the proceedings, carts and horses. The same customers requested that rooms were built in order for them to spend the night.

Thus began the Hotel Lacreu, with some rooms, then a dining room so customers that transported by the proceedings of the Sastrada-Lacreu family, came to discover the beauty of the Valle de Arán.

The second generation was expanding and modernizing the business, according to the demands of the times. Around the 1940s the Catalan bourgeoisie families were staying at the hotel.

Thus continued the family Sastrada, the aim of the following generations has been upgrading the hotel, continue with classic and modern notions at the same time, to ensure that their regular customers feel welcome, stating when they finish their holiday: "Until next year, we have always felt at home".

This has been the objective of Mrs. Lacreu since the beginning of the century and this is and will be the target of their descendants.

Sastrada Family.

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